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About Our Company

Sky Advertising & Mktg.

Founded in the year 1987 and serving the discerning clientele for over 30 years with a team of dedicated and experienced professionals, Sky Advertising uses creativity to solve business problems and unlock new growth opportunities. We are proud that our ideas have created big-step changes and remarkable business results for our esteemed clients.

We work with brands and have one simple aim with all of them: to deal with their business challenges and offer them creative ideas that result in changing the competitive landscape. Whatever the challenges, we shape our solution accordingly and use whichever media forms are the best to achieve the objective- Print, Electronic, digital or experimental.

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Sky Advertising nurtures the passion for creativity by synergizing efforts of a highly competent team of copywriters, art directors and visual media professionals to deliver outstanding results.

Whatever the budget of the client or the value of assignment, we subject everything to the Management by Objective (MBO) approach and captivate that mind-space of your target audience. Our state-of-the-art studio is equipped with the latest hardware and software to ensure timely, high-quality and most cost effective delivery of our services.

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